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 Señora Bopp's Teacher Page

The following 8th grade students have qualified for Spanish II and Spanish II Honors placement at the high school next year:  ¡Mucha suerte a todos!
Spanish II  (scored an 85 or higher)                                                                         chilis
Kaitlyn Lundy
Jonathan Falkowsky
Nicole Kondrk
Andy Ohr
Gabrielle Pires
Jillian Bopp- attending PAA
Tyler Suydam
Katherine Castillo
James Davenport- attending MATES
Deisy Gonzalez
Megan Howanich
Emmanuel Arroyo
Valerie Gonzalez
Anthony Irizarry
Spanish II Honors (scored a 90 or higher)

Juliana Shugar- attending PAA
Carlos Moreno
Mario Delgado
Owen McAvoy
Gareth Aguilar
Maria Villanueva
Danis Izaguirre
Allison Truax

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