• About the Gifted and Talented Program

    The program is designed to challenge our gifted learners with relevant activities to meet their academic needs. Identified students in grades three, four, and five are invited to participate in a program of weekly pull-out classes. Students are engaged in both critical and creative thinking activities created to provide an emphasis on research through an in-depth study of differentiated learning strands.  The program addresses the New Jersey Student Learning Standards at an advanced level; aligns with the National Association of Gifted Children (NAGC) Standards; and focuses on creative problem solving, research, critical thinking skills, communication skills, and leadership skills within a highly engaging format.


    Why is it good for our gifted learners?

    Although project-based learning is a great strategy for ALL learners, it is especially advantageous for gifted learners due to the fact that it offers the following: 

    • Depth and complexity
    • Individualized pace
    • Student choice
    • Student accountability and empowerment 
    • Incorporation of real-world skills in the classroom
    • Collaborative learning 
    • Relevance and authenticity

    Student selection is based upon multiple measures from within the following categories:

    • Cognitive abilities testing
    • Standardized test scores
    • Ratings pertaining to characteristics of the gifted student (e.g., inventiveness; creativeness; intuitiveness; curiousness)