• I thought it would be good to provide you with a short description of proposed clubs so you know what clubs are available for the kids this year.   

    Here are some general rules of thumb at this time about the startup of clubs:

    • We will open and see what clubs we can run based on the schedule and the health situation. My guess is that most of the clubs we start with will be online/computer based to ensure health safety.   Once we assess the health circumstances, we will offer more clubs and let the students know EXACTLY how to become a member.  
    • Students do have the ability to sign up for more than one club. However, we would rather have them be committed to a few things and enjoy them deeply rather than belong to so many clubs that they cannot possibly keep their commitments.
    • Students will have the opportunity to PROPOSE a club and follow the guidelines for having such a club. The process for this will be shared with them at the beginning of the year.

    Here are the proposed clubs  and a brief descriptor.  These are also on the Horbelt webpage as well.  While this email is lengthy, the important info is above. Scroll through the list and read the ones you want


    Academic Bowl Club Advisor - Gr 5

    • A quiz-based competition that tests players on a wide variety of academic subjects.

    Academic Bowl Club Advisor - Gr 6

    • Members of this club display their geographic skills in competition with other sixth graders in the county 

    ACADEMIC Assistance Moderator - ILA

    • Attending students receive assistance with ELA growth based on their homework or other related assignments.

    ACADEMIC Assistance Moderator - Math

    • Attending students receive assistance with mathematical concepts based on their homework or other related assignments.

    ACADEMIC Assistance Moderator - Science

    • Attending students receive assistance with the science curriculum based on their homework or other related assignments.

    ACADEMIC Assistance Moderator - Social Studies

    • Attending students receive assistance with the social studies curriculum based on their homework or other related assignments.

    Art Club

    • The members of this club are provided a safe and encouraging atmosphere to explore their artistic abilities with multiple activities throughout the year.

    Computer Club

    • The members of this club participate in computer-based activities in order to build their technology skills.

    CyberPatriot Club

    • The mission of the CyberPatriot club is to foster computer science through competing in virtual cybersecurity exercises. 

    Gamers Club (ESports)

    • The club provides a place for students can socialize and play video games with their peers. (Students must be in good standing academically and socially to participate.)

    Girls Who Code

    • Girls Who Code is a program designed to support and increase the number of females who enter the computer science field.

    It’s Up To Us 

    • Students participate in altruistic activities to make the learning community a better place.

    Jazz Band

    • This program provides students with the opportunity to work together in a collaborative and cohesive ensemble that performs jazz compositions for the public.

    PROS Advisor

    • This mission of this club is to promote social and personal development within our organization and to allow members to participate in planning and presenting social and educational activities. The club members are guided through opportunities designed to develop leadership skills.

    Chorus (Vocal Ensemble) 

    • Students will prepare traditional and contemporary music for vocal performance at school events and competitions.


    Morning SPLASH!  (morning announcement club)

    • We are extremely proud to offer a student led video morning announcements club that uses green screen technology.  Our students run the show by writing, recording, editing, and producing the video using a green screen program and google slides. They record during the school day but a small dedicated group stays after every day to write the script for the next day while also building and uploading the video.

    Bell Choir/Orff instruments club

    • A handbell choir or ensemble is a group that rings recognizable music with melodies and harmony.

    Yearbook Club

    • Yearbook Club is a group that gives students experience in print media publishing.  Yearbook Club allows students experience in photography, computer design and writing creatively that combine to create a yearbook that captures the memories of our school year.

    Literary Magazine/ Newspaper Advisor

    • A newspaper club gives students the change to capture these moments at school. They can learn to have an eye for these moments, to capture them, and to present them in print.

    Safety Patrol

    • The job of a safety patrol is to protect students by enforcing hallway rules on their way to and from the classroom. 

    Student Government

    • Student government is a group of students that are charged with managing a wide range of events, activities, programs, policies and initiatives around school. 

    JOOI Club - service

    • Junior Optimist International (JOI) is an active youth service organization that was created in  Due to the various age groups, each type of JOI club serves their community in different ways.


    • Students get together to participate in organized sports such as, kickball, basketball, or volleyball.

     Sign Language Club

                Students in this club learn to sign.