• Business Law

    This semester's course will satisfy the NJ graduation requirement for “Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy.”

    This course will begin with an introduction to business law from purpose of law, goals of law, laws and values, different types of laws, and criminal versus civil law. Students will then differentiate between felony vs misdemeanor, intro to tort law, learn the 8 basic consumer rights, contract law, steps in a trial and an introduction to OSHA. Students will apply skills in branches of law, intellectual property, uniform commercial code, and consumer law. Students will also build a foundation of knowledge of federal agencies that provide consumer protection. Students will analyze contract law, antitrust laws, patent law and intellectual property, white collar crimes, trademark laws, and warranty laws. Students will apply skills taught throughout the semester through analyzing case studies on class action lawsuits, 4th amendment rights, search and seizure procedures and restrictions. Students will continue to analyze case studies on corporate law regarding consumer rights and the fair labeling/packing act. Students will begin a career activity to understand the capacity of corporate law as a career. Students will compare legal documents to determine what makes the document valid. Students will study the most famous case study from the McDonald's Coffee Lawsuit.