• Title of Course: Marine Science 2 (CP)
    Instructor: Mrs. Connors
    Classroom: B107

    Periods Taught: 3A-1 (semester 1) 
    E-mail:  econnors@barnegatschools.com

    This is an extended course of study of Marine Biology/OCeanography for students who would like to continue their study of the oceans.  The major areas include how humans are impacting oceans on a global scale, knowing the ocean world, marine organisms and their habitats, tides, waves, coasts, marine resources and concerns.  This course focuses on different marine environments such as estuaries, tide pools, reefs, hydrothermal vents and the oceanic zone.  Emphasis will also be placed on the ecological relationships between marine organisms and their particular habitats and the interaction found within the marine environment.  Laboratory and field studies will also be included. 


    Marine Science 2

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    3A-1  :   oeulifq

    ASSIGNMENTS can be accessed via Google Classroom.  Parents, please add your email to google classroom (guardian/parent option) for weekly summaries and announcements.  I also post on twitter @DisneySciNerd



    Textbook info:  

    Castro, Marine Science © 2019, 2e       



    Required Materials

    Bring all the items to class every day!

    • Chromebook/charger/headphones 
    • Writing Utensil
    • BINDER FOR SCIENCE ONLY-  to remain in classroom