• Progress and identity are two concepts that are synonymous with Barnegat. We pride ourselves in knowing that, as neighbors, we work together to create a school district where the education of our children is cutting edge. Our unified vision makes us a singular community. It is with this premise in mind that a reconfiguration is the next logical step for the district.

    The idea that a reconfiguration is simply a change in the shape or formation of how our schools are divided is a gross understatement. It will provide equity in education, concise objectives, and additional allocation of resources for students and families alike. We, as a district, will be able to better tailor instruction and resources to meet the diverse needs of our students. While change may seem daunting at times, it is essential for growth. As a community, we rally behind our schools. The unification of assets and interests will establish the Barnegat Township School District as a point of pride in our community. These changes will allow the district to further nurture the cohesion created between the schools in the district and the community as a whole. The Barnegat Township School District will become a model school system for creating lifelong learners who embrace their locale. Our schools will better serve as a social institution for the growth of our students and the community at large.

    With this in mind, we will begin posting minutes from the various sub-committees starting in September. If you are interested in serving on a comittee, please e-mail Colette Bach.