• 11th & 12th Grade Physical Education:


    Everyone (wether you are acually in class or virtual) will be required to complete the two questions a week.  There will be one true or false question and a short answer question each week for all classes.  These questions will count as major assessments in physical education classes.  At the end of each three week unit we will have a test that will be on the google classroom and count as a minor assessment. 

    If you are in class you are not required to change for PE because students are not allowed to be in the locker rooms.  Students must wear sneakers on the days that they have gym in order to participate in the unit that is being taught that day.

    I encourage you to start using google calendar.  It sorts out all of your assignments for you and tells you exactly when they are due and what class they are for.  It will get easier the more you do it!


    *If you have any questions you can email me at pcovine@barnegatschools.com*