• Grade 8 Curriculum

    This course has four central subdivisions which are interwoven: vocabulary, reading, grammar, and writing.  All areas require the application of skills especially insightful analysis and critical thinking.  Throughout each unit of study, students will read fiction and nonfiction.  Each unit will include supplemental materials.  Writing narratives, essays and other writing genres will also be incorporated in the units.


    Unit 1 - Truth & Individuality: Students will explore the concept of individuality and how people manifest and then sustain the uniqueness of who they are.  Students will reflect on their own individuality, examining how they maintain their own identity.  In addition, students will evaluate the different shades of "truth" that can be presented.  Students will learn to think critically while evaluating the levels of truth portrayed in various texts. More specifically, through texts like The Giver, students will be exposed to the dangers that exist when people opt for conformity over individuality.

    Unit 2 - Conflict & Perseverance: Students will delve into both internal and external conflicts through various texts that cover important eras in history such as slavery.  As students evaluate the level of perseverance needed to overcome challenges, students will begin to apply this knowledge to their own life and coming-of-age conflicts.  In conjunction, students will closely read the biographies of authors such as Maya Angelou and Carl Sandburg to get a deeper understanding of their intrinsic motivation to overcome conflict, as well as evaluate how their conflicts shaped who they are.

    Unit 3 - Community & Relevance: Students will examine their role as a citizen and the responsibilities of being a contributing member of a community.  Students will read various texts that will cause them to question the role of communities and how they may shape us.  Compositionally, students will write character letters, taking an argumentative and evidence-based stance.

    Unit 4- Consequence & Acceptance: Students will consider the complexities of life choices as demonstrated both in texts with conflicted characters as well as in their own lives.  Through the study of various texts, students will discover how society, morals, power and pride can serve as forces behind a person's choices and the consequences that follow.  In addition, as students begin to prepare for the future years in high school, they will delve into the tribulations of accepting the corresponding consequences of their life choices.



  • Major Assessment 50%

    Minor Assessment 30%

    Course Participation 15%

    Benchmark 5%