Seventh grade ELA focuses on an exciting blend of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.
        We will cover both paired fiction and non-fiction reading selections and novels to work on improving multiple choice responses, making inferences, using text evidence and vocabulary development/word choice. Students are encouraged to read at home all year on their own and will participate in RAY (Reading All Year) reading during the school year.
        Students will gain practice writing creative narratives, explanatory essays, argument essays, prose constructed responses, poetry and more.
        The writing skills covered will focus on improvements in clarity, providing details, essay openings and closings, as well as use of figurative language. 
        Please note that many assignments will be posted through the use of Google Classroom for assessment purposes. 
    Please note: This course uses Google Classroom for many of its assignments.  If you are the parent/guardian of a student in this course and would like to receive regular emails via Google Classroom about your student's missing work, upcoming work, and/or other class activities, kindly contact the classroom teacher.  Thank you!     


  • Notebook/Binder Set Up:
     4 Tab Dividers-
      1. Do Now
      2. Reading
      3. Notes
      4. Vocab
    ( At least a 1 1/2" inch-3 ring binder with dividers-suggestion is to use only for ELA)

    General Supplies:
    *loose leaf paper for binder
    *Pens, Pencils
    *Extra Large Book Sock or Brown Bag for covering Literature Book

  • General

    Major Assessments: 50%

    Minor Assessments: 30%

    Benchmark Expectation:5%

    Course Participation: 15%


    Level 1

    Major Assessments: 55%

    Minor Assessments: 30%

    Benchmark Expectation:5%

    Course Participation: 10%


    Grading Scale 2019-2020

    A 100-90

    B 89-80

    C 79-70

    D 69-65

    F 64 and below