• PRE-K_1


                                                                                   Our Day

    9:23-9:30- Arrival/Unpack/Morning/Routine

    Students will unpack, put folders on tables, Fine Motor Skills (do their morning coloring sheet/ trace their names and shapes). Answer question of the day/How Many? /What color? /How are you feeling? what is your name? Greeting Friends.

    9:30-10:15- Free Choice Centers/cooperative play/ Students choose which center to go to (Reading, Writing, Blocks, Science, Home living)

    10:00-10:20-  Wash hands/ Snack

    10:25- 11:05- Gross Motor Time

    11:05- 11:30- Group Circle Time

    Morning Circle-Part 1

    Circle Time, sing  good morning song, 1 student stands and tells each peer good morning, assigned jobs and pledge of allegiance, Calendar, weather, discussion about theme, songs, finger play, stretch or dance and story time

    11:30-12:00- Workstations/Intensive Teaching/Discrete Trials/Individual work

    12:00-12:15- Music and Movement

    12:20- 12:40 - LUNCH- Instructional Lunch/ Using PECS-communication system

    12:40- 1:40- Nap Time

    1:40- 2:00- Group- Circle Time- Read Aloud

    2:00- 2:20- Gross Motor 

    2:20- 3:00- ART/Centers/Sensory/Group Activity/Table top toys

    3:00- 3:15- Bathroom/Snack Time/Puzzles/Interactive smart board

    3:15- 3:25- Closing Circle Time/Number Concept/ Good bye song/Stickers/

    3:30: Pack up and Dismissal

                 Why fit in

             When you were

            born to standout?