• Supplies:

    Please send all items in during the first full week of school and label all supplies with your child's name.

    • Headphones (Over-ear, USB headphones are best as they don't break as easily!)
    • One complete change of clothes in a gallon Ziploc bag with your child's name on it
    • Large backpack 

    • Lunch box

    • Old t-shirt or smock with your child's name on the tag

    • Sneakers for gym *wear on gym days*

    • Please keep a set of markers, crayons, notebooks, pencils, or any other "pencil box-extra's" at home. I will supply everything else!



      Classroom supplies are always greatly appreciated! Throughout the school year, I will ask parents to help with supplies for our classroom. We will always need: HAND WIPES, HAND SANITIZER, TISSUES, PAPER TOWEL, GLUE STICKS, CRAYONS, ziploc bags (any size), paper plates, napkins, utensils :-)