What is Media Literacy? Media Literacy combines literature and technology in the library media center. In 3rd & 4th grade, students will work on various literature topics such as figurative language, literature elements, text structures and genres. At JTDS, students will strengthen their computer skills so they can become good digital citizens. 

    The last 15 minutes of class is dedicated to checking out books, working on exit tickets and cleaning up. During this time, students can choose to go on an approved website, such as coding.


    Topics we will cover in the Media Center are:

    • Google Classroom and Google Drive
    • Strengthening Library Skills using the Dewey Decimal Classification
    • Google Slides/ Docs/ Forms 
    • How to use encyclopedias and dictionaries
    • Literature enriched activities (text structures, genres, figurative language & literature elements)
    • Using the media center's OPAC (Online Public Access Computer)
    • Plagiarism
    • Financial Literacy
    • Digital Citizenship
    • Coding