• Homework Grading Policy

    ·        Homework assignments are written on the board daily. Students are
              responsible for writing the assignments in their student planner book.

    ·        Homework will also be posted on my website weekly 
             (www.barnegatschools.com- teacher websites)

    ·        Homework will be given every night, Monday through Thursday, and
             sometimes on Friday if necessary.   

    ·        Students must attempt each question assigned and SHOW THEIR WORK
             on a separate piece of paper for 100% credit on a completed
             assignment. ALL WORK must be shown to demonstrate understanding.

    ·        Students earn 100%complete with work, 75% incomplete or not on
             separate paper, 50% answers only- no work shown, 0% missing

    ·        Homework should be completed in PENCIL and will be reviewed the
             following day.

    ·        Any student who gets less than 75% of the assigned homework problems
     when self-checking is encouraged to request extra help from the
     (during core enrichment or lunch period). Extra math assistance is

             also available after school on Mondays with permission slip.

    ·        Long term assignments, such as projects, may be given during a marking period
             (please advise me if any problems occur prior to the due date).