• In 1981, the Cecil S. Collins Elementary School was constructed in the Township of Barnegat. It currently houses over 700 pupils in Kindergarten through grade two, including both regular and special education classes.

    The curriculum is diversified and provides an interdisciplinary approach to instruction. We strive to maximize each child's learning potential, this diversity is applied to enhance self-esteem, encourage decision-making on an individual and group level and develop a motivated and self-directed child.

    Our rigorous curricular programs in mathematics, social studies, reading, writing and science reflect the high expectations and standards teachers and administrators hold for the pupils enrolled in the Cecil S. Collins Elementary School.

    An added incentive, for those pupils who want to further capitalize and expand upon their interests and talents, is the variety of diversified club activities available to students at various grade levels.

    A school as successful as the Collins School is the result of cooperation, commitment and a focused effort on the part of the students, staff, administration and parents. An active, supportive PTA has flourished over the years and provides an excellent vehicle for parental contributions and involvement in the educational program.

    The Cecil S. Collins School continues to be a warm learning environment that thrives on educating the whole child.