• -Pencil Box or bag (all supplies should be able to fit inside)

    -Personal scissors (please write name on them)

    -Pencils (I can store extra to give them during the year) 

    (2) Highlighters

    (1) pack of crayons (should fit in pencil box)

     glue sticks (I can store extra)

    (1) Heavy Duty 2-pocket folder (this will be their GOING HOME folder, so just make sure it is durable)

    (1) Colored Pen (not black)

    (1) dry erase marker (thinner ones are easier to write with) and 1 sock or eraser

    (1)  marble notebook 

    (1) set of earbuds or headphones (these tend to break easily-do not spend too much money on them)

    (1) Small pack of markers (optional)

    (1) Pack of colored pencils (optional)

    Please try to write their name on all supplies :)