2019-2020 School year

                  Classroom Constitution /Ms. Worsham 


     “There is a brilliant child inside every student.” Marva Collins

    Article I

    Curriculum to be Covered                                                              

    • The Beginnings of American identity
    • Citizenship and the Constitution
    • Confederation to Constitution
    • Launching a new nation 
    • The Jackson Era
    • Indian Removal
    • Western Expansion
    • The Industrial Revolution
    • Freedom's road to slavery
    • Cultural and Political movements
    • A Divided Nation/Civil War
    • Reconstruction

    Article II                                                                   

    Classroom Rules

    • Respect each other
    • Listen attentively to peers and teachers/follow directions
    • Raise your hand to ask or answer questions
    • Be prepared for class and on time
    • BATHROOM RULES - Please ask  to use the bathroom within the  first 5 or last 5 minutes of class. 
    • Whenever you leave the classroom,you must have a pass and sign out in the sign out book

    Article III

    Required Materials

          1.1 to 1 ½ inch binder                                                                  4. Journal 

    1. 4 dividers                                                                              5. HIghlighter
      • grade tracking sheet/classroom rules                               6. Positive Attitude
      • Do Now                                                                         7. Agenda Book
      • class notes/vocabulary                                                     
      • homework
    1. Pen/pencil


    Article IV     


    • Complete homework on a timely basis.



    • Missed assignments can be found in assignment drawers. Please 

              pick up your make-up work from the bins. You are allowed 1 day

              for each day that you are absent. Return completed papers to the 

              bin above the assignment drawers… make sure your name is on 

              your paper…

    • Use your agenda book to copy down homework assignments.
    • Check my website for missed assignments due to your  absence.
    • Be Timely With Your  Projects…...Late projects and reports will have 5 points deducted for each day they are late. 

    .Article V


    • 50% tests/projects
    • 30% quizzes
    • 15% Course Participation 
    • 5% Benchmark




    • Communication is a key tool to success, parent/guardian communication is welcomed. 
    • Please visit my website for important events and homework assignments. 
    • Looking forward to a wonderful school year!!! 
    • Please maintain this constitution in the front of your Social Studies binder




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