Charter Trips:

      Charter trips will be on the Carolynn Ann III, which is a fully insured / Coast Guard Approved vessel out of Barnegat Light.  Bait, Rods/Reels, & Cleaning of the catch will be provided for a discounted rate.  The vessel is operated by Capt. Bill Hammarstrom, Capt. Will Hammarstrom, & Gina Lawrenson.

      • October / November: Wreck Fishing

      • May/June: Night-time Bluefishing

       In addition, conservation and respect for the environment are threaded throughout. Students are asked only to keep what they can use, and not all they can catch. And littering is prohibited, and grounds for club expulsion.

      There is a minimum of 2 trips planned per year aboard a chartered vessel.

      The trips consist of basic instruction of reel operation, the use of bait.

      Each trip allows for many teaching moments. Such as fish biology, how that species fits in the food chain, is common name, its food value. What we see on each trip varies, but all pertain to our mission.


      Trip Eligibility requirements:

      Must attend a minimum of 7 meetings per year. 

    Must attend the meeting prior to the trip

    Must be in Good Academic standing