• Parents and Guardians interested in the Barnegat Township Preschool Program.
    Please note, if you reside in Barnegat Township and wish to enroll your 3 or 4 year old child in our preschool program, we are fast approaching capacity.  Registration is on a first come, first served basis.  
    Your child must turn 3 by October 1st of 2020 in order to enroll.  This is a free, full-day, 5 days a week, program.  Please visit the Pre-K Welcome tab on the Barnegatschools.com website for more details on the present drop off location and times.  All information and answers to frequently asked question regarding our program can be found under the Pre-K tab as well. **Be aware of updated alerts on the website regarding Pre-K packets pickup and drop off location and information during the period the school district is closed, this may be updated periodically, so check regularly.  
    If you have already turned in your child's registration packet, we are currently processing them and you will receive either an email or letter in the coming weeks stating pre-registration, this process is ongoing.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the preschool secretary, Denise Greenberg, at Dgreenberg@barnegatschools.com.  You will get a response within a reasonable timeframe.  Thank you for your patience and understanding! 
    At this time, please drop off COPIES of the following with the Completed Packet to the location specified in the Welcome section:
    ---An updated physical, completed and signed/stamped by child's Doctor.  (This form can be found in the packet.)
    ---Updated list of immunizations completed by your Doctor.   (This form can be found in the packet.)  
    ---Student must have a current flu vaccination   
    ---Parent's photo ID 
    ---2 Proofs of Residency (all will be verified at a later date): 
    1st form:    A utility bill with the current Barnegat address 
    2nd form:   A current mortgage statement, lease agreement, or deed 
    ***If you are residing at someone else's address, please see below
    ---Original birth certificate with a raised seal (all will be verified at a later date) 
    ***If you are residing with someone else at their address, you will need to request a Sworn Statement of Residency, this will need to be signed and notarized email to request this document.
    Copies of all required documents, current medical documents, and completed registration packets will be verified at a later date before the student is fully registered.  Mrs. Greenberg can be reached at Dgreenberg@Barnegatschools.com with any questions.