Below you will find all of the information given to us from the State of New Jersey on their guidance for ceremonies and graduation.

  • The following guidance is being provided by NJ Attorney General’s Office regarding Col. Callahan’s May 9th AO (letter listed below as Department of Education Letter 5/9/20):

    Wave parades aren’t banned wholesale.  Here’s the language from the letter:

    Wave parades, that invite people to gather at a certain location

    Another way to look at it -

    Ok:   a single graduate is sitting on his porch with his parents, or a birthday girl is on her front lawn with her parents, and a parade of cars are driving by, honking and holding up signs, that wouldn’t present any problem under the Governor’s Executive Orders because it wouldn’t present a risk of COVID-19 transmission.

    Not Ok:  all the graduates of the Class of 2020 at a particular school (or even 15-20 of those graduates) were told to gather together at a specific location, like the front lawn of their school or their town call, and every car drove by to celebrate them. That would present a risk of COVID-19 transmission among the graduates, even if the parents and teachers celebrating them all stayed in their cars, and that’s what we are working to avoid.  Or any group of people or spectators are asked or invited to a particular location.

    In short, reasonable wave parades are allowed.

    OC Prosecutor's Office