I would like for you to please send in some supplies for your child:

    *A 1" binder -This will be used as a Take Home Binder, and your child will bring it to and from school each day.

    *Headphones (NOT earbuds) in a ziplock bag, labeled with his or her name. *I have found that the Egg Head Brand works well (This brand is only a suggestion!)

    *One pencil/supply case with the following supplies inside: 

    -2 highlighters (any color)

    -2 large glue sticks

    -2 black Expo dry erase markers (please do not send in other brands, as they sometimes stain the student boards)

    -1 package of 24 crayons


    Parents often ask me what else can be sent in to the classroom. The following items are certainly not required to be sent in, but are always greatly appreciated!

    -hand sanitizer


    -cleaning wipes


    -black Expo dry erase markers