• Gifted and Talented Goals

    • Develop and practice higher order and critical thinking skills
    • Develop and practice creative thinking and problem solving skills
    • Develop advanced research and study skills
    • Develop and practice skills in the utilization of advanced technology
    • Strengthen communication skills (verbal, nonverbal, and written) using various forms of media
    • Develop leadership and social skills
    • Encourage students to develop “can- do” attitudes, positive self-concept, and respect for others

    Teaching methods include but are not limited to: direct instruction, guided practice, independent assignments, cooperative group activities, learning games, and planned experiences. 

    Gifted students participate in:

    • E.Y.B (Engage Your Brain: Critical Thinking Mind Benders)
    • Project Based Learning (independent and/or group projects)
    • Guest speakers and/or assemblies