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About Our Calendars

The calendar below is the most up-to-date district calendar.  This calendar contains information regarding school closings and early dismissals.  If you would like to see events that are occuring at a specific school(s), please utilize the selections to the right to create a customized calendar.  When you have finished selecting schools, make sure to select the "Update Calendar" button at the bottom of the school list and the calendar at the bottom of the page will refresh and display your chosen school's events.

2024-2025 School Calendar

Choose your calendar

July 2024
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Sun, Jun 30
Mon, Jul 1
Tue, Jul 2
Wed, Jul 3
Thu, Jul 4
Sat, Jul 6
Sun, Jul 7
Mon, Jul 8
Tue, Jul 9
Wed, Jul 10
Thu, Jul 11
Sat, Jul 13
Sun, Jul 14
Mon, Jul 15
Tue, Jul 16
Wed, Jul 17
Thu, Jul 18
Sat, Jul 20
Sun, Jul 21
Mon, Jul 22
Tue, Jul 23
Wed, Jul 24
Thu, Jul 25
Sat, Jul 27
Sun, Jul 28
Mon, Jul 29
Tue, Jul 30
BOE Meeting
Wed, Jul 31
Thu, Aug 1
Sat, Aug 3

Calendar & Category Legend:

  • BHS
  • BTSD
  • CSCS
  • JTDS
  • LMDS
  • RLHS