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Mathematics Overview

Barnegat Township School District strives to teach Mathematics in a way that engages, intrigues and challenges all of our students, K-12.  Our vision is focused on enabling ALL students to acquire mathematical skills, understanding, and attitudes they need to be successful in their careers and daily lives. Our K-12 curricula are aligned to New Jersey Student Learning Standards, which define what students should understand and be able to do in their study of Mathematics. If students meet the requirements to enroll in accelerated mathematics courses at ROBMS and continue their rigorous study through high school, they are able to take courses such as AP Calculus, AP Statistics, etc.  Student placement into these accelerated programs is based on multiple measures which can include, but not limited to: final grades, midterm and final exams, Benchmark assessments, NJSLA scores, and teacher recommendation. 


Barnegat High School offers a substantive sequence of college-preparatory courses and math electives for students with varied learning styles and academic interests. The Mathematics Department focuses on not only the content but the application to real-life situations reinforcing 21st Century Skills and provide all students with the opportunity and support needed to learn, explore, and apply mathematics. Barnegat High School students are prepared for the challenges they will face during their college experience.  Math manipulatives, technology through math programs such as Desmos, ck12, and Aleks are used as tools to enhance learning and assist in problem solving.


Department offerings are available through the Program of Studies.

Math Standards K-12

Online Resources K-12