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School Volunteers

Dear Parents,
The Barnegat Board of Education recently revised policy 9180/9181 – School Volunteers. This policy was revised to be proactive in ensuring the continued safety of your children while at school. The purpose of the policy is to provide the safest educational environment possible for your children by requiring volunteers who have direct contact with students or work in our school on a regular basis to submit to a background check. The policy is posted on our website.
I realize this may be an inconvenience for some of you, but the safety of our students must remain a priority. In addition, as economic times tighten, we will look to increase our volunteerism thus bringing more citizens into our schools. Please note the District will not be responsible for the fees necessary to complete the background check.
The results of all background checks will be held confidential and individuals whose background check indicates they will not compromise the safety of students or the district will be approved for volunteer status.
Thanks you for your understanding and assistance in helping to provide a safe educational environment for our children.