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Vision Statement

Our Barnegat Family:

My vision is to strive to provide an amazing, complete, and appropriate educational experience for all students. Students are all different and each requires a different level of support, different level of academic rigor, and different level of social and emotional support. We are all a member of one, very special, Barnegat family, and in this family, we support each other's successes and we pick each other up when we struggle.  In this Barnegat family, we INSPIRE.










I believe that every student in the district is an individual. As a unique individual, my vision is to meet the needs of each student. Academically, we will challenge our high achievers and support our struggling learners, while creating lessons that are relevant to the students. We will also provide guidance, mentorship, and support for our students to meet their individual needs, both emotionally and socially, to foster healthy relationships.

In Barnegat, I believe we should nurture our students with empathy and sympathy. Empathy allows us to maintain high expectations while still being aware and supportive to a child’s needs. It is important to educate the whole child and this must be factored into all of our daily interactions, woven into the curriculum, and a driving force in our support programs.

I believe that it is our responsibility to be a supportive family.  Each person within the district makes up our Barnegat family and, as a family, we cheer on our successes and we rally in times of need.

It is truly a privilege to work and/or attend Barnegat Schools, and my vision is that every person here fosters that pride. Everything we do here, regardless of role, is within the family, and will be done with pride, respect, and maximum effort. We are part of something special here and that should be reflected in everything we do.

I believe all students have the right to a rigorous and complete education within our district. No matter what their background is, or whatever unique challenges they face, our classrooms are inclusive of all students.

I believe in rigor and high expectations.  My vision is to continuously use data to drive instruction so that we are challenging our students and creating relevant lessons.

Education should be engaging so that students want to learn and want to do great things.  The classrooms in our district should engage students, and in doing so, create an environment where students are excited about education, promoting lifelong learners.

I believe that every child should succeed and can thrive in our district.  My vision is that every member  of  the  Barnegat  community  will  have  an  unwavering  faith  that  the children of this extraordinary community will achieve their goals, and will do their part to help our children succeed.

Driving this vision are highly passionate, highly skilled professionals that truly believe every student is capable of achieving success. Partnering with dedicated, committed parents and families, we will meet every learner where he or she is at, and with individualized instruction and an unwavering belief that all students are capable of great things, we will help all of our students achieve and exceed their potential!

In the Barnegat Township School District, we are a family that is inclusive of parents/guardians, community members, teachers, administrators, staff and students. In a family, every individual matters.  We strive to lift each other up, be supportive, celebrate successes, and rally in times of need.

As always, my door is open.  I am honored and humbled to be the Superintendent of our amazing school district.

Yours in education,

Dr. Brian Latwis

Superintendent of Schools