• GSA at Asbury Pride

  • Meetings held EVERY WEDNESDAY in B209 from 2-3pm 

    The Gender/Sexuality Alliance at Barnegat High School serves two purposes:

    The first is to create a safe environment for student self-expression. This includes celebration of students' achievements - regardless of their gender or sexual identity - and support for anyone who encounters struggles related to their interpersonal relationships and sense of self. 

    The second is to help educate others in our community so that we can foster an overall atmosphere of understanding and mutual acceptance. 


    Individuals who are part of a Gender, Romantic, and/or Sexual Minority (GRSM) often identify with one of the following identities: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Queer - which generally means unsure or uncomfortable with labels - LGBTQ. 


    For more information, we recommend this glossary or the GLSEN website for materials on how to support students of all identities in the classroom and the community. 


    All students are welcome to join GSA, so long as they have a willingness to support and respect others regardless of their personal identities. 

  •  President: Kadence Sekerzicky


    Vice President: Sydney Hagerman


    Treasurer: Hailey Rauso


    Secretary: Skye Oppenheimer


    Advisor: Ms. Stella