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Mr. Derek Bonk

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Online technology courses can be tricky.  The type of computer or device, the lack of a mouse, internet connection speed, and a necessary shift in content without tools can all be real challenges.  That said, communication is the key to managing adversity.  Many options and solutions to are readily available, but it is most effective to discuss these in person.

I am regularly available by phone or virtual meeting.  Please email me and we can arrange a time to discuss solutions.

* Grading is never going to be locked in, but understand that we have an overwhelming amount of information management to juggle.  If I enter a zero for a project, please understand that this is a prompt for attention, communication, and activity.  In some cases, a mistake or oversight could be the cause, but in general these grades are not final.  If a "late" project is submitted, it will count for full credit.


Google Classroom Codes 

Robotics: (1A) x6jlxmk (2A) 44xxfw6

Multimedia: (2B) w6z3dye (4B) yzofvyl

Intro to Design: (3A) xzqpn4l (3B) cod7xpn

Advanced CAD: jsk6lt2

Welcome! - BTSN 2020

Bell Schedule - BTSN 2020

 - Multimedia - BTSN 2020

 - Introduction to Design Technology - BTSN 2020

 - Robotics - BTSN 2020