Trillium Lake - Mt. Hood (Oregon)
  • Greetings! My name is James Rivers, I have taught at Barnegat High School since the 2017-2018 school year. I am a science teacher who covers Biology (CP), Forensic Science, and Anatomy & Physiology. As a graduate of Barnegat High School I am excited and grateful to return home and bring with me a fascination with the natural world. After graduating from BHS in 2010, I attended Stockton University and acquired degrees in Biology and Teacher Education. I enjoy running, camping, hiking, reading and traveling. I look forward to another great year and hope that by the end of it, my students are more prepared to make the most of the lives they have infront of them.

     Mr. Rivers' 2020-2021 Teaching Schedule

    A Day

    Period 1 - Forensic Science

    Period 2 - Forensic Science

    Period 3 - Duty/Prep

    Period 4 - Anatomy & Physiology


    B Day

    Period 1 - Duty/Prep

    Period 2 - Biology (CP) w/ Pomphrey

    Period 3 - Biology (CP) w/ Pomphrey

    Period 4 - Forensic Science


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