• Barnegat HS Dance Team 2021-2022                                                  




     Welcome & Congratulations  to the 2021-2022 Barnegat HS Dance Team  

    The Barnegat HS Dance Team consists of 22  dedicated & hard working girls . The girls auditioned and were chosen to be a part of the dance team in June. The girls got right to work practicing and learning a routine to bring to camp and their hard work paid off. 


    CONGRATULATIONS to the Barnegat HS Dance Team ! The girls earned their bid to the 2022 UDA Nationals in Florida during  their four days of UDA dance camp in Spooky Nook Pennsylvania. They received a Superior Trophy for their home routine , a Superior Trophy for their ribbon accumulation from learning and performing their A & B routines. Most important the girls received the 110% award from the UDA staff .  Jess Holler, Alyssa Branz, Jane Haviland, Tara LaMantia & Kelly Quinn auditioned and were selected as All American Dancers. Kelly Quinn  won 3rd place in drill downs and senior Bella Ponikowski was asked to audition to become a UDA instructor. It was a wonderful 4 days dancing and learning with our Northeast dance teams especially our little sisters from Brackman Dance Team. 

    We are looking forward to a wonderful season of competing at the local and National level and giving back to our community who always supports us especially dancing with our friends at Meadowedge. 

    The best part about being a member of the BGDT is being able  to dance at home and away football games , basketball games and supporting and  cheering on our BENGALS!

    GO BENGALS !!! 

    #wearestrongertogether #AllDreamsArePossible 



    Jess Holler   * Captain       Ally McMahon   * Captain           Bella Ponikowski   *  Captain        Alexa Maschi * Co- Captain


                                                          CAPTAINS * CO-CAPTAIN


    SENIORS   Bella Ponikowski * Alexa Maschi * Jess Holler * Ally McMahon                 



    JUNIORS Emily Kolimaga * Ava Fahringer * Lexi Jason 



    SOPHOMORES Kelly Quinn * Natalie Ponikowski* Tara LaMantia                            

    Alyssa Branz * Jane Haviland * Emma Fortunato                      



    FRESHMAN Sam DeJesus * Sam Durazzo * Olivia Linton * Riley Donlon * 

    Zoey Jastrzebski * Jessica Block * Carly Schoenberg * Ella Rafla 



    Coach Diana Stanton  

    Volunteer Coach Kelly Connors 


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