1. Each day, every student should bring their textbook, notebook (preferably a binder) and a pencil to class. All assignments handed-in must be completed in pencil.


    1. Notebooks should be divided into 3 sections:


    1. Quarterly averages are computed in the following manner:


                                        Major Assessments:                            50%

                                        Minor Assessments:                            30%

                                        Course Participation:                           15%

                                        Benchmark Assessments:                     5%


    1. Homework assignments are written daily on the board and noted on the website at barnegatschools.com. You are responsible for writing each assignment in your notebook.


    1. Homework is due the next school day unless otherwise indicated. All homework questions should be attempted to receive credit for the assignment.  Uncollected homework assignments will be reviewed and graded for completion according to the attached Course Participation rubric.


    1. The course participation grade is earned twice each quarter; once at the progress reporting period and once again at the end of each quarter. The attached Course Participation rubric provides details of the grading scale.


    1. Students who are absent are responsible for obtaining assignments the first day they return to school. Worksheets and notes will be placed in the appropriate folder that will be marked by their period on the table.  If you are absent for an extended period of time, please speak to us to set up a due date to complete the missed assignments.


    1. Homework passes and market day tickets are used as positive reinforcement throughout the year.


    1. If you have any questions, please contact us at (609) 698-5880 ext 4114 for Mr. Iveson or at ext 4102 for Mrs. O’Neill.  You may also email us at miveson@barnegatschools.com or coneill@barnegatschools.com.