Mrs. Iannuzzelli



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Mrs. Iannuzzelli

6th Grade Science

Room S-224 

Go Yellow Team! 


  • Class Updates: (most recent will be on the top)

    - HW - Due Monday for all (10/7) - Complete paper towel/CER Lab (If not finished in class) 

     IMPORTANT!! - Please check Gradebook and search at home/in binders for any missing assignments! Get these completed and in asap. Ask for help if needed! 

    - HW - Tues 10/1 - Complete self-evaluation for course participation grade. 

    - HW Weds - 9/25 - Complete graph section ONLY on graphing lab! We will review in class again during double period and complete questions. 

    - HW Mon 9/16 - CER Worksheet - Minor Assessment! 

    - Upcoming TEST: Thursday 9.19 or Friday 9.20 (depending on your double day) - First Major Assessment

         - Things to study: Study guide, Lab Safety Review notes, Observations/Inferences Notesheet, CER Notesheet, & Science tools notesheet

     - The Classwork Section is updated. Please check on a daily basis.