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Mrs. Iannuzzelli

6th Grade Science   .   Room S-224    .   Go Yellow Team! 

Remind: Thursday Doubles (Per 2,5,9) @7ecd773                  

               Friday Doubles (Per 1,4,8) @ fbkh3k

Google Classroom Codes: 

     Period 1: h53uuou                         Period 2: ots7cpd

     Period 4: uf4652w                         Period 5: mx2g6yc

     Period 8: qo3opoj                          Period 9: q4rj3ly



    Class Updates: (most recent will be on the top)

    **Important - I've added a "Missing Assignments" section in the Classwork section of my Google Classroom. If any assignments appear there - then I am missing them (you can also see gradebook for these missing assignment grades). They need to be made up ASAP (by Sunday 3/29).

    There may be situations where students have these assignments in their binders completed - if this is the case, they can take a picture and upload it instead of completing the alternate assignments posted. Please email me if you have any questions or need assistance. Thank you! 



    - Be sure to read & sign off on the information in your Google Classroom. Online lessons start Tuesday 3/17. Be sure to read & respond to the daily question AND reply to two classmates every day before 2:30 pm. Note: Assignments are due by 2:30 each day (for longer assignments occuring over multiple days see due dates). Keep in contact with any questions. 

    - Period 2 - Rough Draft & Finished Cross section drawing due Thursday, Final Drafts due Monday 

    - Periods 1,4, & 5: Full Labs Due Thurs/Fri (beginning of period). Includes: Colored Drawing, Rough draft AND final draft of CRE/Conclusion (Written in PEN or Typed). Assignment sheet located under homework Tab. 

    - Periods 8 & 9 - Due Thurs/Fri (beginning of period) - Colored drawing, rough drafts (paragraphs 1,2, & 4), & Final draft of paragraphs 1 & 2 only (paragraph 3 cannot be completed until we test the thermoses during double). Assignment sheet located under homework tab


    - Bring materials on Monday 3/2 to build thermos (if using anything that is not provided - should have been approved in class - email if not sure). Materials being provided: paper/plastic/styrofoam cups, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, wax paper, rubber bands, clear tape, foam sheets, paper plates, cotton, and soda cans. 

    - Energy Vocab quiz Monday - Different types of energy, energy transformation, & Law of Conservation of Energy Definitions (from "Energy Notes")

    - Complete provided OR make your own flash cards - different types of energy - Due Monday (posted under HW section) 

    - Lesson 17 "What is Energy" packet - due Weds 2/19 

     - Chemical Reactions Lab CER due Tuesday 2/18 (demo lab activity)

    - Element License Plates (Minor assessment) due Thurs/Friday (double period) 

    - Last Day of marking period 2 is 1/30!!! Be sure to get any missing assignments in ASAP! I am welcoming anyone that needs extra help or a place to finish these to come to my room during lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday (see me if a pass is needed). After Thursday the zeros will remain! 

    - This week: We're working on a Superhero Element project in class Mon-Friday this week. If it is not completed in class it will be homework due Monday 2/3 - this will be the first Major assessment for Marking Period 3.  

     - 1/22 HW - Periods 1,2, & 4 - Complete "understanding Atoms & Molecules" & "Atomic Diagrams" pages from Lesson 1 packet. Read to help - do the best you can - it's OK if you need to skip a few questions. 

         - Period 5 - Complete Entire Lesson 1 packet (including lesson 10 worksheets within the packet). Do best you can - OK if you skip a few questions

         - Periods 8 & 9 - Complete all of lesson 1 packet EXCEPT back "fill in the blank" page 

    - Matter quiz Thurs/Fri during doubles (States of matter Note sheet and worksheets - vocab, molecule distribution and movement, solid/liquid/gas, processes that change states of matter)

    - 1/14 - HW (all except per 4) - complete Solid, Liquid, Gas WS