• Bengal Bootcamp

    Overview of the Program: This after-school program is designed to support our students on their path to success. Bengal Bootcamp offers a variety of assistance through personalized instruction, extra help, test prep, and social-emotional support. In addition, participating in the program encourages our students to develop strong study skills and establish ownership over their learning. 

    Program Schedule: Bengal Bootcamp will be offered in four cycles. Please note: Bengal Bootcamp does not run on Fridays.

    • Cycle 1 is from October 2nd - November 18th
    • Cycle 2 is December 4th - February 3rd
    • Cycle 3 is from February 26th - April 20th
    • Cycle 4 is from April 29th - June 1st

    Academic Assistance: There will be instructors for most subject areas to provide assistance. The schedule is:

    • Mondays/Wednesdays: ELA, Science, and Spanish (Monday only)
    • Tuesdays/Thursdays: Math and Social Studies
    • Saturday: ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish

    Need transportation for Saturday? Sign up here! Be sure to submit your response by Thursday night each week

    Student Expectations: All students participating in Bengal Bootcamp are expected to be timely, respectful, and responsible. This support program is dedicated to supporting all of our Bengals’ needs, so any students who do not comply with program expectations will not be permitted to participate.

    Any questions? Please contact Ms. Rebecca Kane at rkane@barnegatschools.com 

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