• Bengal Bootcamp

    Overview of the Program: This after-school program is designed to support our students on their path to success. Bengal Bootcamp offers a variety of assistance through personalized instruction, extra help, credit recovery, and social-emotional support. In addition, participating in the program encourages our students to develop strong study skills and establish ownership over their learning. 

    The program has three supports for intervention:

    • Tier One: Students work independently in the media center on their course work.
    • Tier Two: Students report to specific subject-area classrooms to receive targeted and personalized instruction from a classroom teacher.
    • Tier Three “Credit Recovery”: Students who are in credit withdrawal will report to the media center lab on scheduled Saturdays. Students are responsible for completing missing work and remaining there for the duration of the time in order to recover credit.

    Transportation:Transportation is provided for both the after-school program as well as the Saturday sessions. The after-school program runs from 2:00pm-3:00pm. The Saturday session runs from 8:00am-11:00am. 

    Pick-up & Drop-Off Locations:
    7:25am Bayshore Dr. & Denville St.
    7:30am Barnegat Blvd & Village Dr. E (Dunfee School)
    7:40am Highland Dr & 6th St
    7:45am Nautilus Dr. & Tradewinds

    Program ScheduleBengal Bootcamp will be offered in four cycles.

    • Cycle 1 is from October 3rd - November 5th.
    • Cycle 2 is December 12th - February 4th.
    • Cycle 3 is from February 27th - April 1st.
    • Cycle 4 is from April 17th - June 10th.

    *Please see the calendar tab for a more detailed schedule. 

    Additionally, we will be alternating days for tier two academic assistance.

    • Mondays/Wednesdays - ELA and Science assistance
    • Tuesdays/Thursdays - Math and Social Studies.
    • Wednesdays - Spanish
    • Saturday sessions will be for all subject areas. 

    Student Expectations: All students participating in Bengal Bootcamp are expected to be timely, respectful, and responsible. This support program is dedicated to supporting all of our Bengals’ needs, so any students who do not comply with program expectations will not be permitted to participate.

    Any questions? Please contact Mrs. Samantha Burke at sburke@barnegatschools.com 

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