• What is the Student Assistance Program?


    The Student Assistance Program is a comprehensive and integrated, joint school/community program for providing students with prevention, intervention, support and instructional services for attending to social-emotional issues and drug and alcohol use, misuse and abuse.  It is coordinated by a trained and certified in-school intervention specialist (SAC). The students assistance counselor meets with students either individually or in a group setting to assist with a variety of issues that students may face in high school or life. 
    This page also offers resources to help students and parents/guardians recognize the signs and symptoms of youth drug use/abuse as well as where you can reach out for help;  there are also resources for many of the issues families may be facing in this day and age.  There are several resource guide links included.  If you need any help navigating or interpreting the information please reach out to a school guidance counselor or the student assistance counselor in the high school.  We are committed to ensuring the health and success of all our students. 
    The difficulties of life are often blessings;
    when overcome they teach self-reliance and give confidence and strength.
    Signs and Symptoms of Substance Use;
    Warning Behaviors........... 
    • Bloodshot, dull-looking or watery eyes
    • Dilated pupils
    • Inattentiveness, drowsiness
    • Runny nose, sniffing, coughing
    • Clumsiness, falling, tripping
    • Disheveled appearance, poor hygiene
    • Tremors, hallucinations, delusions
    • Uncontrollable laughter or crying
    • A sudden drop or decrease in grades
    • An apparent low level of concentration, mistakes, error in judgment that was not there before
    • Secretiveness; lying about everything; constant excuses
    • Defiance of rules and regulations
    • Withdrawal from family functions
    • Hiding mail from school
    • Excuses for staying out late; not coming home on time or at all
    • Isolation; spending time in his/her room
    • Suspicions that money or alcohol are missing
    • Selling possessions
    • Feeling manipulated and bargained with; playing family members against each other
    • Weight changes; drastic gain or loss
    • Secretive and suspicious phone conversations
    • Incense burning
    • Use of inappropriate language;drastic disrespect; drastic mood swings
    * Although some of these may be considered "typical" teen age behaviors, it is concerning when they are "sudden onset", are a combination of many of them, and are progressively getting worse.              


     Where to Turn?

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    PESS (psychiatric Emergencies)……….911 or go to the nearest Hospital Emergency Room

    For help receiving adolescent services for all issues (including substance abuse) Perform Care (24hr, 7 days)  


    Immediate Intervention………..Mobile Response….........877-652-7624

    Services for adolescents and families…….Family Crisis Intervention……….732-240-3638

    To access services /resources The Adolescent Resource Guide  issued by the Ocean County Health Dept.  can be downloaded from their website;  http://www.ochd.org   and click on Resources Tab
    2ND FLOOR, NJ YOUTH Helpline - a confidential and anonymous helpline for New Jersey's youth and young adults. We are here to help you find solutions to the problems that you face at home, at school and in your social life.  1-888-222-2228     http://2ndfloor.org/
    NJ Hopeline -   NJ Hopeline is the first New Jersey SUICIDE PREVENTION HOTLINE.    It is committed to providing assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to anyone that makes a call for help  1-855-654-6735,    http://njhopeline.com/   .
    AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) HOTLINE: 24 HOURS  - 1-800-245-1377 or 908-667-8566
    For a very comprehensive agency for services of all kinds;  Visit http://OceanResourceNet.Org ....click on RESOURCES TAB
    NJ CONNECT...a free, CONFIDENTIAL call line....if you or a loved one whose life is being affected due to addiction to Heroin or prescription painkillers...call for help...855-653--3737  or e mail..  njconnect@mhan.org   
    Educational Resources
    With all the issues students and families are facing in today's world, it is hard to keep up with the seemingly insurmountable amount of information, however it is one of the best defenses when dealing with adolescents. Fortunately, there is easy access to resources.  Here are a few excellent sources that have  proven helpful. 

    Ocean County Prosecutor's Office Educational Videos:  go to website; http://oceancountyprosecutor.org   Click on Media Gallery: Right Turns 

    Free Marijuana Talk Tool Kit ...     http://www.drugfree.org/MJTalkKit/ 
    SAMHSA ( Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) -Report on Marijuana...Long Term Effects of Frequent/Heavy Use Teds Short Report
    For an excellent discussion of NJ Parents and their personal experiences and other NJ help and resources.....http://www.drugfreenj.org   Click on TalkNow NJ Media Tool Kit
    Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide ;  A video for parents for questions regarding if your child may be at risk;  "NOT MY KID", WHAT EVERY PARENT SHOULD KNOW;   http://www.sptsusa.org
    WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW AND UNDERSTAND ABOUT SELF INJURY ( CUTTING, SELF MUTILATION ETC.)  This is an excellent and comprehensive website.  Cornell University studies, research and resources for parents.   http://www.selfinjury.bctr.corn
     Information and support/education for families/parents on LGBT youth; Family Acceptance Project;  google Family Acceptance project, San Francisco State University; excellent comprehensive information and videos.
    Compulsive Gambling of NJ, Inc.;  Fantasy Sports and Gambling Issues/Education/Help   http://800gambler.org/ 
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           News and Noteworthy
     Preferred Behavioral Health is offering an EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM;  TEEN INTERVENE ;  for early mild substance use and harm reduction...   Scholarships are available for program/ call 732-367-1710 ext. 9300      click here for complete info......> Teen Intervene Info
    GenPsyc in Brick is running summer programs for various needs.....call 855-436-7792   Also...Has new Website specially for resource on Child and Adolescent Mental Health programs.  ( G.A.P.)  ...http://http://genpsychadolescent.com/