• The main goal of the Counseling Department is to help all children reach their full potential by developing an understanding of self and an appreciation for others. The School Counselors achieve this goal through individual and group counseling, educational programs and assemblies, conferences, and referral to community resources.

    A parent may request individual counseling for their child by contacting their School Counselor. Permission is needed for any child to receive regular counseling, whether individual or group.

    We wish you and your child much success on their educational journey!

Phone: (609) 660-7500 Ext 27105


Degrees and Certifications:

Elementary School Teacher N-8 Student Personnel Services K-12

Mrs. Kimberly Germano, 6th grade School Counselor

I am entering my 25th year working for the Barnegat School District.  I started my career at the Russell O. Brackman Middle School as a Sixth Grade Social Studies teacher.  Along with teaching, I also coached Field Hockey, Cheerleading, Basketball, and Track and Field.  I transferred over to Robert L. Horbelt School when it opened in 2001, where I taught 5th Grade for four years.  During that time, I went to graduate school to obtain my Student Personnel and Guidance Certification, and transferred to School Counselor in 2005.  This will be my 17th year as a school counselor.   For the 2023-2024 school year, I will be the Sixth Grade School Counselor this year.


Phone: (609) 660-7500 Ext 27106


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Dana Hermanni, 5th grade School Counselor

Welcome to Horbelt!  My name is Dana Hermanni, and I am a School Counselor at Horbelt.  A little background on myself:  I did my undergraduate work in Psychology and TV/Film Communications at The College of New Jersey, and then I pursued my Masters in  Education and School Counseling certification at Georgian Court University.

I’ve spent time working in classrooms as a substitute teacher and as a paraprofessional, prior to starting my career as a School Counselor at Jackson Memorial High School as a long-term substitute counselor.

For three years, I worked as a school counselor at Russell O. Brackman Middle School here in Barnegat.  Last year, I had the opportunity to join the counseling team at Horbelt.  My goals are to cultivate social emotional awareness, kindness, and resilience within each of our students and to motivate them to achieve their individual potential.  Collectively, we also strive to reduce harassment, intimidation, and bullying and increase compassion and understanding within our school communities.

I hope you all have a wonderful year!