• RLHS has a wide variety of clubs and activities that students can get involved in. There's something for everyone! If you need to reach one of the advisors, please see their teacher webpage for their email address.



    The Academic Bowl Team welcomes students each year who love a challenge! We participate in a county-wide tournament which includes questions that range from knowledge in history, science, literature, current events, and sports, broaden your horizons and step up!

    Advisors: Elizabeth Worsham & Hande Drexler 



    If you are struggling in a core subject -Math, ELA, Science, or Social Studies - you can stay after school to get some extra help.

    ELA - Jenna Snell

    Math - Lesley Odgers

    Social Studies - Elizabeth Worsham

    Science - Nicole Danser

    Homework - Katelyn O'Neill



    We believe that every student is an artist and we provide a safe, encouraging atmosphere for student to partake in art related activities. The art club is a studio oriented before school club. Students will be introduced to a wide variety of hands-on, long term projects. Students will broaden their horizons and deepen their understanding of the world around them as well as traditional art forms.

    Advisor: Maria Altomare



    In band club, students will further their skills on their instrument.  They can come for anything from extra help on a weekly lesson, or to prepare for an honors ensemble.

    Advisor: Anthony Orecchio



    The Bell Choir is a after school club once a week that introduces students to hand bell techniques and repetoire. This club allows students to increase their musical ability and skills through the use of hand bells. There is limited spaces based on supplies. Please reach out to Ms. Sawall with any questions or if interested.

    Advisor: Lauren Sawall



    The RLHS Chorus meets once a week during school for small group singing lessons. The purpose is to create an environment that encourages students to explore the individual voice through fun and engaging repetoire. We combine singing, dancing and public speaking skills that will be showcased in a concert at the end of the school year. We also provide opportunities for students to go out into the community and share their talents throughout the school year. This year we also offer chorus after school once a week for all 5th grade members so they can get practice performing in a well-rounded group setting.

    Advisor: Lauren Sawall



    The Computer Club enables students of all grade levels to explore the computer in an open setting. Students will have a variety of software to engage in diverse activities such as create animation, make movies, and the exploration of coding with LEGO Robotics. Please be aware that we will be using the Internet. 

    Advisor: Nicole Danser



    CyberPatriot is a cyber defense competition program open to all students which encourages students to engage in cyber security related fields.  Students are able to practice in simulated images to prepare for the competition which begins in November.



    5th Grade DRAMA CLUB 

    Who likes to act, sing and dance? Come join the 5th grade Drama Club. This club will be for 5th graders only who are interested in learning more about musical theater. We will work on acting, improv, dancing, and singing. We’ll go over theater vocabulary so you have more knowledge when entering 6th grade. We will take part in a small performance for a live audience.

    Advisor: Danielle Brown



    Gamer’s Club is a club where kids can come to socialize and play different types of games with other students (board games, card games, video games). It is a place where you can teach others about a game you like to play, or learn to play games you never knew about.  Students bring their own devices to gamers club. 

    All are welcome to join the Esports club. 

    Advisor: Jeffrey Floyd



    The Foreign Language Club "Spanish Club" is a club that meets monthly (in person and virtually) to foster and nurture interest in the Hispanic culture and to provide an opportunity to learn more about the Hispanic world through fun activities, cultural exploration and discussion.

    Advisor:  Lisa Flores



    Girls Who Code is a club for ladies, by ladies. This club teaches girls about the world of computer science from the very basic to advanced learning. Together, the club designs and completes a project to benefit the school or community. For one hour a week, the club meets to discuss famous women in computer science and how to complete basic coding.   

    Advisor: Bonnie Harris



    Welcome to the Green Team! This year we will be learning about Diamondback Terrapins and how to care for an aquarium environment. In this club you will learn about agriculture and farming techniques. We will also be spreading awareness about global environmental issues.  If you are interested in environmental science, this is the club for you!--

    Advisor: Erica Szelc



    Get together with some friends to participate in organized games such as volleyball or kickball.

    Advisor: Jen Hurt



    Jazz band provides students with the opportunity to perform in an ensemble built upon a tradition of musical excellence. During the school year, students will learn fundamental jazz techniques while working with their fellow peers. Students who are involved in jazz band will perform in public concerts, competitions, community events, and for a variety of school functions throughout the year. Any 5th grade or 6th grade student is eligible to participate.

    Advisor: Anthony Orecchio


    JOOI Club

    JOOI stands for Junior Optimist Octagon International. JOOI helps students understand the idea of a service club and may lead to involvement in the community.  This also adds the leadership component to their lives as they decide what is needed in their community.

    Advisor: Brooke Manfredi 



    LIT is a continuation of your membership from fifth grade. Our focus is on developing your leadership abilities and helping you become a positive role model. 

    Advisor: Bonnie Harris


    MORNING SPLASH!  (Morning Announcement Club)

    We are extremely proud to offer a student-led video morning announcements club that uses green screen technology.  Our students run the show by writing, recording, editing, and producing the video using a green screen program and Google slides. They record during the school day but a small dedicated group stays after every day to write the script for the next day while also building and uploading the video.

    Advisor: Dana Hermanni



    This club is dedicated to writing, editing, designing, and publishing a collection of student art and writing. All students will be invited to submit their original work, but the club will be comprised of students who are interested in writing, editing, and designing a newsletter. 

    Advisor: Dana Hermanni



    This club is for students who are great problem solvers and can think outside the box. We meet after school to practice and prepare for the Ocean County Math League contest where we compete with other schools. 

    Advisor: Hande Drexler



    Students will be involved in promoting social and personal development within our school. Members participate in planning and implementing programs which benefit students and families within our community and children worldwide. Students are guided through opportunities which supplement their development of leadership.

    Advisors: Elizabeth Worsham



    The sign language club will provide a fun, interactive, and enriching environment to teach students the benefits and fundamentals of sign language. Students will learn to sign the alphabet, learn how to count, and will learn basic phrases, while building vocabulary and learning the structure of the language

    Advisors: Dana Hermanni



    The aim of Student Council is to include students in the development of activities to increase school spirit, gather ideas from their peers to better our school building, and to help others in the community at large.

    Advisor: Kim Germano



    Students will work together with their advisors to create a yearbook which captures the essence of the Horbelt community, students, staff, events, and memories of the school year. 

    Advisors: Jenna Snell & Danielle Brown