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Parent Resources

Below are some resources that might be useful:

Watching a friend or loved one struggle with substance misuse and addiction can be an emotionally painful experience. You may try everything in your power to help a family member with drug addiction, but it often feels as if it isn’t enough. Supporting someone you love through the recovery process is a difficult journey. Family members who are unequipped to deal with an addicted person often unknowingly act in counterproductive and enabling ways. Learning more about addiction and taking care of your own mental health is crucial to being an active ally for your loved one’s treatment. Fortunately, many resources are available to help family members and other loved ones of someone with a drug addiction. Support groups, reading material and therapy sessions can give families a better understanding of addiction, how to provide support and how to ensure their own mental health remains a priority.
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(877) 652-7624 | Children's Mobile Response and Stabilization Services (CMRSS) is a state program that is available in every county. In Ocean County, CMRSS is administered by Preferred Children's Services. CMRSS is an outreach service for families with children who are experiencing urgent behavioral health issues that threaten their stability in the community. CMRSS responds to the family within one hour of the call for help to provide immediate de-escalation and assessment. CMRSS can remain involved for up to eight weeks to provide direct support services and linkage to other needed resources.