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Ms. De Grazio is the RLHIS Teacher of the Year!

I am so humbled and appreciative to have been chosen as one of the Teacher’s of the Year in Barnegat, NJ. My career began in 2000, in West Orange, NJ,  as a middle school teacher. As a child, I have always known that when I grew up I would want to have a career where it would involve working with children, especially struggling children. Making connections with students and parents has been something I have strived for and have been good at establishing. It is imperative for me to make connections with my students, but equally as imperative to make connections with their families. When all are on the same page, students are set up for success. I adore children and love seeing their true potential come to life. Seeing their growth, from when they first come to me in September to when they leave me in June, makes my heart happy. It is then that I realize I have done my job and have made an impact, as my mentors/colleagues, throughout my career, have made on me. I will forever be grateful and cherish all of the relationships I have made along the way.