Welcome to Mrs. Bopp's page!

Welcome to Mrs. Bopp's Homepage!  Please visit here regularly to view homework assignments and important information such as assessment and project dates.  We will also use Google Classroom and class codes will be posted on this page shortly.  Please see below for a list of required class materials.  I am very excited to return to Brackman and help your child on their language learning joumey.  

Required materials:

  • a 1 inch binder
  • 5 binder dividers (only Accelerated Spanish)
  • notebook paper
  • a pocket folder
  • pencils/pens
  • a positive attitude

District Grading Policy (MP class)               (Accelerated class)

50%         Major Assessments                      55%     Majors

30%         Minor Assessments                      30%     Minors

20%         Course Participation                    15%      Course Participation


Homework will be assigned regularly and will be noted on the parent portal as  "Course Participation- Feedback."   There will NOT be a separate grade associated with the assignment but a tracking of the homework completion which will be used to calculate the "Course Participation" grade twice each marking period.


Google Classroom Codes:


Period 1  t5o387q  

Period 3  ewjjdbl

Period 5  ln8xlu

Period 7  hkpo824

Period 9  qg7b29k

Period 10 7yc24o