• The Barnegat Township School District's Special Education programs for Preschool through Grade 12 are comprehensive and extensive.  Speech and Language services are also provided for additional students.
    Our goals:
    • To ensure that all children with disabilities residing in Barnegat have available to them a free appropriate public education that includes special education and related services developed to meet their unique needs and prepare them for continuing education, employment and independent living.
    • To ensure that the rights of our students with disabilities and their parents are protected.
    • To ensure that qualified students with disabilities are provided access to all the activities and programs available to them.

    The Child Study Team consists of a Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant (LDT-C), a School Psychologist and a School Social Worker.  Additional members may include:  Speech-Language Therapist, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Behaviorist.  Our team members are dedicated professionals available to address parental concerns and student's needs.

Student Services Administration

  • Daniel Gundersen, Director of Student Services
    (609) 698-5880 Ext. 11120
    Stacey Jakalow, District Supervisor of Special Education (PreK-4, OOD)
    (609) 698-5880 Ext. 11121
    Brittany Schork, District Supervisor of Special Education (5-12, ACES)
    (609) 698-5880 Ext. 11121
    Jelsia Scaglione, Admin. Asst. to the Director of Student Services
    (609) 698-5880 Ext. 11120
    Brooke Loessel, Student Services Secretary
    (609) 698-5880 Ext. 11121

Instructional Coach

Child Study Team Members

  • Barnegat High School (609) 660-7510

  • Russell O Brackman Middle School (609) 698-5880

  • Robert L Horbelt Elementary School (609) 660-7500

  • Joseph T Donahue Elementary School (609) 660-8900

  • Cecil S Collins Elementary School (609) 698-5832 

  • Lillian M Dunfee Elementary School (609) 698-5826

Related Service Providers