Please check your child's homework folder and backpack each night for assignments and notices from school. Homework may be assigned to reinforce skills from class. 
    ELA: Students are encouraged to read daily. Students will have the option of reading to self, listening to reading, or reading with someone. In addition, students should practice their focus skills and review vocabulary words as needed. Please refer to our i-Ready focus skills list that will be sent home weekly.
    Social Studies: Students will take an active role in our community by completing assignments that teach valuable lessons about the importance of making personal connections within the community.
    Science: Students will be encouraged to become "Scientists in Nature" when investigating Mystery Science activities.
    Math Facts: Students will be given a list of 15 basic addition and subtraction facts to practice at home in preparation for a weekly quiz (to be given on Friday).  Please practice these facts with your child for homework as needed. On certain shortened weeks, math facts may not be given.
    i-Ready math homework assignments may be sent home Monday through Thursday.