• January 2020

    Dear Parents and Guardians: 

    On behalf of the LMDS Staff, may I wish all of our families a very Happy New Year! Thank you all, parents, Barnegat Police and Fire Departments, and the many local organizations, for being so supportive and committed to our School; you continue to make a difference in the lives of our students and their families. 

    I hope you had a great break and that all of you were able to spend time with family and friends. We look forward to returning to school on Thursday, January 2, 2020. Everyone at LMDS will be working to establish positive and productive routines for our students. We will also continue to emphasize academic and social learning for students. Keeping a positive outlook and a growth mindset is important at school and at home. We appreciate your support in helping our students to focus on their growth and improvement in a way that builds confidence toward hard work and perseverance. Here are some other things to keep in mind…

    • Establish routines! The great thing about the break is that it allows students to relax and get away from some of the routines of the year. The challenge now is to get back into the positive routines of school and learning. It is incredibly important to establish routines of nightly homework and reading - these are very important to the growth of our students.


    • Continue to Emphasize a Growth Mindset. Please continue to emphasize and promote growth, work, perseverance, and improvement. When we praise and encourage hard work and improvement rather than achievement and ability, our students will be more open to taking on challenges and growing.


    • Students should come to LMDS wearing clothing that keeps them warm during the school day.  Remember, before sending your child out to the bus stop or dropping them off at school, please take a few moments to make sure that they are dressed appropriately for the weather.  Dressing your child in multiple light layers is recommended so that they can remove the top layer if they get too warm while indoors. As the temperatures get colder, please make sure that your child is also wearing the appropriate outerwear, such as a jacket, gloves, hat, etc.

    In the event of a delayed opening, please remember that:

    • School will start TWO hours later than the scheduled start time at 10:30 AM. 
    • MORNING CHILDCARE is ALSO DELAYED 2 HOURS when there is a delayed opening; therefore, as opposed to opening up at  6:00 AM, they open at 8:00 AM.
    • Continue to check the district web page.  You can always call the school directly if you have any questions. 

    Important Note regarding Morning Drop-Off Procedures:

    During these colder mornings, we have noticed that more parents/guardians have been transporting their children to school making the car line much longer than normal. Please be mindful of the Drop-Off Procedures below:

    • Student drop off is between 8:10 AM and 8:30 AM. 
    • Students must exit the car/vehicle from the PASSENGER/CURBSIDE ONLY in the designated area with teacher supervision – Please have your child(ren) exit the vehicle upon entering the drop-off area, please do not wait to unload further up the line, this slows the line down greatly, thank you!
    • Students are not permitted to walk across the parking lot unattended.
    • Please follow the “traffic flow” as designated by the cones.
    • Be aware of the traffic pattern; please do not attempt to pass alongside any vehicles.

    The Fifth Grade and Bike Rack entrance doors will close and be locked promptly at 8:30 AM; therefore, there is no access to the building from these points after 8:30 AM.   If you arrive late (after 8:30 AM), students must enter the Main Entrance only; late students must sign in at the security desk or Main office to get a pass.

    Thank you for your continued cooperation. 

    Just a reminder, the school district will be closed on January 20th.  School resumes on Tuesday, January 21, 2020.


    January 2               BOE Re-Organization Meeting 7 PM at BHS

    January 15             PTA meeting 7 PM in the Katherine V. Makela Media Center

    January 16             Club Pictures

    January 20       School Closed/Staff Professional Day

    January 23       School Store for Students during lunches

    January 30       LMDS PTA Pasta Dinner 5:30-7:30 PM in the Multipurpose room

    January 30             Last Day of the Second Marking Period


    I look forward to welcoming everyone back to LMDS in the new year. I am sure 2020 will be a great year for the Lillian M. Dunfee Elementary Community.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



    John Fiorentino, Principal

    Lillian M. Dunfee Elementary School

    Surfing To Success: DUNFEE DRAGONS R.O.A.R.

    Be Respectful, Optimistic, Awesome Achievers, and Responsible