• These are just a few ideas to help your child become a better writer.  It can open up a wonderful world of their imagination in the printed form. 

    Encourage your child to write. 
    Give your child various topics to think about and then sit down together and write a story.
    Give them story starter ideas.
    Cut out pictures from magazines and write a sentence about that picture.
    Getting started is the key and then your child will blossom with writing.
    Some children tend to fear what to write and how to spell the words. Their creative and phonetic spelling are the first steps. Let them try on their own first.
    Writing comes with practice and experience!! As they learn different spelling patterns/ rules, they will gradually improve. Don't stress about spelling.

    Read aloud to your child as often as possible.  Their reading to you is the most excellent way to encourage good fluency and a love of reading. Reading from varied authors encourages them to compare styles of writing and also see different illustrators' artwork. Part of the writing process is also illustrating the story if they wish. Have your child write their own short book and bring it to class and share with their classmates.

    Save your child's writing in a special writing box.  Sit down at various times to reread the stories and compare the growth he/she has made.  You'll be glad that you saved their stories from their early years of writing. Some may even go on to be authors. You never know.