• Please send in your child's items/ supplies during the first week of school. Please make sure to clearly label all supplies with your child's name so that they are not mixed up with others or lost. 


    Classroom Supplies


    -Lunch box/ bag (if they are bringing a lunch)

    -Headphones ( *no ear buds please). These will be needed for their computer tests and lessons.

    - black expo markers

    - pack of sharpened pencils

    - large eraser

    - box of crayons

    - large glue stick


    Special consideration supplies:

    ***If your child has food allergies, it is a good idea to send in a box of acceptable treats in case they are needed.

    *** If your child is prone to bathroom accidents, please send in a change of clothes in a large ziplock bag. The nurse doesn't always have extra clothes or the correct sizes to lend.

    *** Soft tissues are helpful if your child has allergies or a cold  


    Optional/ Other supplies

    -Old t-shirt or smock for art with your child's name on the tag if you choose to have one.

    -sweatshirt  just in case they get chilly in class


    *** Teacher's Wish List for the Room***

    -Clorox wipes

    - soft tissues

    - paper towels

    -Expo Markers

    -Teacher Pay Teacher Credits 

    - Amazon Gift Card