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Mrs. Dada

All About Mrs. Dada

Archie Cash is my puppies name.

Bay is where I live.

College is where my kids live.

Dylan is my son's name.

Early Intervention was my job before teaching.

Funny people I like most!

Gaming my son does.

Have taught at Joseph T. Donahue since the school opened in 2008.

Isabella is my daughter's name.

Joking around I do often!

Kayaks I have.

Love is what I give often.

Master's Degree in Special Education is what I received.

Netflix is my hobby!

Ocean is lovely.

Pizza is my favorite food.

Quesadilla are delicious!

Red is my least favorite color.

SPIRE is what I teach!

Tj Maxx is my favorite store.

Underdog is who I always root for.

Vintage shopping is my number 1 hobby!

Water relaxes me.

Xylophone are loud.

Yellow roses are my favorite flower.

Zuccini is good.



Degrees and Certifications:



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Lisa Dada

Welcome back everyone! I am Mrs. Dada and I am teaching Supplemental Services.  Looking forward to a healthy, happy school year.  I have a Masters Degree in Special Education and have been working with the special needs population for thirty years.  This is my 14th year in Barnegat.  


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