This program helps students learn about the importance of positive character and supports their development in crucial values such as citizenship, responsibility and respect for self and for others. Several character traits are highlighted throughout the year and students who demonstrate the various traits in an outstanding way are recognized by their teachers and receive award certificates from the Administration. Teachers use a Character Education Curriculum that provides activities to reinforce the character traits for the school year and school-wide activities and celebrations, such as Respect Week, also support the learning process. This year we will be emphasizing one character trait per month as follows:

    Barnegat C.A.R.E.S.
    Character Traits

    September:  Kindness

    October:  Respect

    November:  Empathy

    December:  Warm-hearted

    January:  Integrity

    February:  Fairness

    March:  Optimism

    April:  Peseverance

    May/June:  Responsibility