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Mr. David Wittenberg

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2020/2021 School Year

Mr. Wittenberg's Physical Education Page

Why Physical Education is Important?

Physical Education is a course taken during primary and secondary education that encourages psycho-motor learning in a play or movement exploration setting.

Physical education trends have developed recently to incorporate a greater variety of activities. Introducing students to activities like bowling, walking/hiking, or Frisbee at an early age can help students develop good activity habits that will carry over into adulthood.  Teachers have even begun to incorporate stress-reduction techniques such as yoga and deep-breathing. Teaching non-traditional sports to students may also provide the necessary motivation for students to increase their activity, and can help students learn about different cultures.

 Google Classroom Codes 2020/2021 School Year 

3rd Grade - wzigv5e

4th Grade - uomby3o 


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