For homework, you can expect the following:


    Math- Students will be given a practice page each night that reinforces the lesson taught that day.  If your child is ever struggling with their work, please know that you can write me a note and I will work on it with them in school.  If I do not receive a note, their work will be marked as incomplete.


    One of the MOST important math standards in third grade is knowing multiplication facts (0x0 through 10x10) by the end of the school year.  I will send home practice pages periodically, but please also reinforce facts any time that you can. The more often that they hear and the facts, the easier it will be to memorize them.  I will give you some strategies when we meet during conferences in November. 


    I always encourage reading with your child each night. They can read independently, they can read to you, you can read to them, or you can read together.  When you are involved with their reading, they are more likely to be engaged! I will also give you strategies at conferences for great questions you can ask them about their reading, whether it is fiction or nonfiction!