• March 2020


    Dear Horbelt Parents,

    March is here!  From the weather reports, it certainly seems like it will be roaring in!  Please remember that as we approach the beginning of the spring season, the temperatures can vary greatly during the day.  With this thought, please remember to have your children bring a jacket with them to school in the morning so they are able to enjoy their recess period outside.   We do want to be prepared if the weather should go south! 

    There is a lot of activity here at Horbelt so please watch for announcements!  Among the many events, we will also be preparing for standardized test - grades 3, 4, and 5!   I am very proud of our staff and students as everyone is working hard together for a very smooth test taking experience.  Kudos to everyone!   More to come… 

    The PTA continues to work hard to make the Horbelt experience beautiful!  They just concluded the the Science Fair, and there was a lot of excitement about both!  This is something the PTA does regularly.    On another note,   please support your school PTA by helping out with these functions.    Supporting the PTA supports your school!  Moreover, you will have a wonderful time doing so!   Those who have helped out always speak about the sense of community this engenders! 

    If your child is missing a jacket, hat, gloves or sweatshirt, they may be in our lost and found.  The lost and found is located across from the gym, and you are welcome to come in to look for the missing item. If your child has lost a pair of eyeglasses, they may be in our nurse’s office.  You may have your child go to the nurse’s office to check the eyeglasses that are there. 

    Remember, Horbelt is tweeting now.   Go to Twitter on the Horbelt webpage and see what we have been up to.  You can find this at the bottom of this page to review. Please check it out, because it is where I am now posting most of the pictures and information about events that are occurring here at Horbelt. 

    Finally, as you are aware, the Barnegat Board of Education voted to reconfigure the district next year.   Because it is new, I want to walk the parents in this building through the process of change step by step.    Just like I have done in the past, I will be sending out emails about the steps that have been taken to make the move in this building from a Pre-K to 5 set up to a 5-6 building.  My first three priorities are 1.) communicate, 2.) communicate, and 3.) communicate!   I also want to make sure that the students enjoy everything -  every - activity that they have come to expect here at Horbelt.   I have already been part of a team that has visited other schools with this 5-6 configuration and am completing plans that were held in abeyance until last Tuesday’s vote.   Now the work begins!    Soon I will touch base with my 4th and 5th graders and ask them to join me in creating “our school.”   Shortly thereafter you will see an email inviting you, the Horbelt parents to join in that collaboration.   Another email will extend an invitation to those who are interested in planning transition activities for our students to ensure there is closure for them at the end of this year, and anexpectancy for the year to come.   Finally, I will be reaching out to all the current 4th and 5th grade parents to share their ideas, and present timelines and dates when more information about what is to come will be presented.   While it is hard to say goodbye to all that I love about the Horbelt Elementary School – the students, the teachers, the parents, the PTA, the programs, (so much more!!!) – I am more than committed, in collaboration with the many stakeholders at all levels, to turning out a stellar product that everyone in this community will mention with pride!   After all, that is what “it’s Horbelt thing”  has always been about. 

    More to come shortly!  I just wanted to give you a preview of coming attractions. 

    Below are listed upcoming events for the month of March: 

    March 2                       Read Across America 1:30 pm 

    March 4                       Progress Reports issued 

    March 9-13                  Essentials Drive LIT 

    March 10                     PTA Meeting 

    March 11-13                Spirit Wear Available for purchase           

    March 11                     Early Dismissal Students - PD Staff 

    March 12                     McDonald’s Night 

    March 29                     Pre-K – Gr. 2 Family Fun Night Gym/Café 

    March 25                     Gr. 2 Show Set-up 

    March 25-27                Spring Plant Sale 

    March 26                     Gr. 2 Show Set-up/rehearsal 

    March 27                     Gr. 2 Show 9:30 am

      Gr. 3-5 Family Fun Night Gym/cafe 

    March 30                     Bartolini & Gleason Trip


    In closing, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


    Joseph J. Saxton, Jr., Ed. D. 




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