Here is the building's makeup:

    One principal, one vice-principal, two secretaries, one instructional coach, two guidance counselors, two child study team members, one nurse, 22 homeroom teachers, 8 special area teachers, 3 extra help teachers, 7 special education teachers, one MD, and one BD teacher.   There are also aides to help in the classroom and aides to help at lunch and recess.  Finally, we have amazing custodial and maintenance staff members who work hard to keep the building running and clean.  The most important thing is their attitudes and how much they want to help and anticipate what needs to be done next.   If having the right people in place matters to how well things run, then we are off to a great start.   My staff WANTS to be here and cares about all things education. 

    All these teachers have shown a willingness to work together and share ideas before we have even entered the building.   I don’t know about you, but I AM excited about that.