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  • Russell O Brackman was born in Point Pleasant, NJ on Mat 7, 1942. In 1966, he began his professional career as a 6th grade teacher for Point Pleasant Borough School Systems. He taught there for 12 years and in August 1978 became the principal of the Elizabeth V Edwards School and District Curriculum Coordinator. In 1983, the Barnegat Township School District established the position of Assistant Superintendent of Schools and Mr. Brackman was selected for this new assignment. He served in the this capacity until his untimely death at the age of 42 in July, 1985.

    Mr. Brackman's goal was to creat the best educational program for the children of Barnegat. Through his guidance, new programs were infused into the curriculum, and as a result, student achievement rose significantly. Mr. Brackman's accomplishments served as the framwork for our present highly successful educational system.

    The Russell O Brackman Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in the Fall of 1985 to provide a worthy high school graduate with financial assistance for higher education. In the Spring of 1986, Barnegat Township's newly built middle school was named in his honor. 

ROBMS by the Numbers

  • Established in 1990
    Addition opened 2008

    1 Principal - Mrs. Shannon Smith
    2 Vice Principals - Mr. Owens and Mr. Burke
    3 Secretaries - Mrs. Cavell, Mrs. Gomez and Mrs. Connors
    3 Guidance Counselors - Mrs. Burke, Mrs. Urso and Ms. Hermanni
    2  Nurses - Mrs. Harding and Mrs. Federovitch
    3 CST members - Mrs. Majewski, Mrs. Rizzuto and Ms. Tapper

    70 teachers
    757 students
    400 boys
    357 girls